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Increase Your Yield with Vertical Farming

Space can be challenging for an urban farmer, which is why farming vertically offers advantages. The GrowUp system can increase your yield with these tips

Space can be challenging for an urban farmer, which is why farming vertically offers so many advantages. Here’s some tips on how to use the GrowUp system to increase your yield.


Increase your yield with by farming vertically


As an urban farmer, each square foot in your greenhouse or garden is precious - which is why farming vertically has many huge advantages. Did you know that farming vertically with the GrowUp system can increase your space utilization by up to four times?



The GrowUp Grow Wall system is cleverly designed to produce maximum crop yield whilst taking up minimum floor space. It uses nature’s favorite pattern, the honeycomb, to allow the plant pots to fit closely together. No space is wasted between plants - which is also aesthetically pleasing as there are no unsightly gaps on your green wall.


The soil based system is extremely low maintenance. The pots are designed so that each pot drips down into the ones below, allowing water to move through the levels of the system. This not only saves up to 80% of water but flooding the pots and allowing them to drain like this also gives plants all the water they need without fear of overwatering. The water runoff is captured in a trough, which then pumps it back into the pots. The pump runs for approximately one to two hours daily, using far less electricity than a hydroponic system.


Depending on your setup, you can actually automate the GrowUp Grow Wall system so that the pump switches on and off at set intervals. You can adjust the timer based on the climate needed for the crops being grown. The water input can also be connected to a master tank that allows the system to refill itself as needed.


Because the GrowUp system is soil based, the water is stored in the pots for longer periods of time - allowing the plants to soak up all the nutrients they need. In the event of a system failure, your salad greens and herbs won’t dry out like they would in a hydroponic system. You’re also able to use compost, which will add even more nutrients to the pots - this means you’ll have a hardier crop of luscious, organic greens.


The system is designed to be used both indoors and outside and can accommodate anything from 10 to 2 000 pots - depending on your needs.


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Our team is passionate about helping urban farmers and vertical farm enthusiasts to grow healthy, organic greens sustainably.


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Posted by Grant Leishman



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