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Green Life


How Do Plants Impact The Workspace?

Plants provide a multitude of benefits to work environments, improving employee productivity by dampening noise, decreasing stress and improving...

Green Life

What Living Wall Is Best For You?

What Living Wall is Best for You? With so many living wall options, it can be hard to choose. We’re here to help make that decision.

Green Life

The Top 7 Living Walls In Our World

Take a look below at our picks of the top 7 living walls from around the world and gain inspiration for your next build.

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Everything You Need to Know About Moss Walls

 Moss walls are a great option to create a stunning space with no maintenance required. Take a look to get all your moss wall questions answered.

Green Life

7 Great Plants For Your Restaurant

Spruce up your restaurant and turn it into an inviting indoor space by adding some greenery. Here is our recommended greenery that flourishes indoors.