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5 Greenwall Installation Problems the GrowUp System Can Solve

A great vertical garden is in the design of the system, from the materials, to how it integrates in the space, the easiness of watering, longevity & more..

The real secret to a great vertical garden is in the design of the system, from the materials, to how it integrates in the space, the easiness of watering, longevity and more. GrowUp’s unique design has several features that ensure that your green wall is perfect right from the start.



Advantages of GrowUp


  • -The GrowUp system is a simple, soil-based solution.
  • -The pump and simple irrigation system  make watering and maintenance a breeze.
  • -Our hexagonal pots maximize your space, while hiding any unsightly hardware.
  • -With this unique pot shape, you get minimal gaps between plants, ensuring no visible plastic and a fully grown in look the day it is installed.
  • -The hardware is easy to assemble.
  • -The modular system can be configured to fit any space.

Green walls can take years to mature, however, with our honeycomb design, you’ll instantly have a lush look to your green wall.




  • Remove the headache of on-site planting and impress your clients with a smooth, clean installation in record-breaking time. The hexagonal pots can be pre-planted at the nursery, eliminating a lot of mess and fuss on the day of the installation. The GrowUp system was designed to be as user-friendly as possible.


  • No more unsightly hardware

    The honeycomb design lends itself beautifully to decorative green walls and can be assembled indoors or outside.


  • No more finicky pre-planted panels

    Pre-planted panels require a lot of planning, and are often difficult to master. They also limit the flexibility of your design. If  you or your client isn’t satisfied, you may have to start the process all over - wasting precious time and resources.The GrowUp system uses individual pots, which fit together like the pixels in your screen. They can easily be switched during the installation process - so you can play around with patterns, giving your client a green wall that they’re 100% happy with.


  • Hydroponics are a monster to master!

  • The GrowUp system is soil based, eliminating the need for a degree in chemistry. The pots are large enough to allow a good root base to form and, by adding liquid fertiliser to the integrated drip system, your plants will continue to get all the nutrients they need. The soil also locks in moisture, which reduces the need for constant watering - bringing down the overall cost of ownership of your green wall.


  • Custom designs cost a fortune

    GrowUp’s system takes a modular approach - which allows us to keep our components standard, but gives installers unlimited opportunities to customize their setup. You’ll be able to design systems to fit any space, while still keeping your pricing extremely competitive.


Delight your customers with a unique, low-maintenance green wall. The GrowUp system was designed for convenience, making it easy for professional green wall installers to create living artwork at a very low cost.


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Posted by Damon Vinje



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