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Greenwall Installation Tutorial

Here’s a step by step guide showing you how to install your GrowUp green wall system. The simple, fast and effective way to start growing vertically.

Here’s a step by step guide showing you how to install your GrowUp green wall system. The simple, fast and effective way to start growing vertically.


Green walls are a fantastic way to breathe life into a dull space. Whether you’re planting decorative or edible plants, living walls are unique and aesthetically pleasing. The GrowUp green wall system is a hassle-free system which, unlike other vertical gardens, doesn’t require an extensive understanding of things like hydroponics.


Our system is designed to be as simple as possible - so that the whole family (both young and old) can get involved in creating living art.




The GrowUp green wall system can be tailored to fit any space. Our range starts with a five pot kit and you can add as many pots as you need to fit the space where you plan to install the living wall. The system comprises of the following components:


What you'll need to set up your green wall



The cleverly designed hexagonal pots fit together to create a honeycomb pattern which ensures that your vertical garden looks full and lush right from the start. One of the key benefits of the honeycomb design is that you won’t be left with bulky, unattractive hardware peeking out between your plants.

Sketch of the full GrowUp green wall setup



The result? A stunning green wall display that works beautifully both indoors and outside


Examples of clients' green walls



Tools you’ll need to assemble your green wall


List of tools




You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by all the bits and pieces, putting your green wall together is as simple as counting to fifteen.



Step 1 | Mounting the master tank

Install master tank level in bottom right corner of the wall.

Diagram showing how to install master tank


Step 2 | Joining Tanks

Insert the grommets and push them through the connector pipe to join the tanks.

Diagram of joining the tanks



Step 3 | Mounting the secondary tank

Set the spacing between the tanks to between 0”- 1.58” to adjust the width of the system. Install the tanks level with each other and insert the stopper on the last tank.


Diagram of mounting the second tank



Step 4 | Install the drop sheet (optional)

The drop sheet redirects water that escapes the pots due to installation or maintenance errors.


Diagram of mounting the drop sheet


Step 5 | Attach the rails to the tanks

Use the pilot holes provided on the tanks to install the bottom screw on each rail.


Diagram of attaching rails to tanks



Step 6 | Level the rails and secure them

Level the rails and install the top screw on each of them.


Diagram of leveling the rails



Step 7 | Stack and cut the rails

Cut the rails on notches provided, to your desired height.


Diagram of stacking the rails



Step 8 | Pump assembly

Attach the first section of the irrigation pipe to the pump as shown below.


Diagram of the pump assembly



Step 9 | Pump Installation

Place the assembled pump into the master tank, then place the irrigation pipe through the notch provided in the master tank.


Diagram of inserting pump into master tank



Step 10 | Install irrigation pipe

Install the irrigation pipe using the supplied cable ties to secure to the wall. Use the pipe connectors provided to join the pipes.



Step 11 | Install drippers

Punch holes in the pipe above the rails. Install the dripper and make sure it’s inserted at a 45º downward angle.


Diagram of installing irrigation pipes



Step 12 | Extend drippers

Extend the dripper and insert it into the pot.


Diagram of extending drippers



Step 13 | Plant your seedlings

Transplant your seedlings from their grow pots, in to the planter bags. Tie each bag into a hex pot.


Diagram of how to plant seedlings in the hexagonal pots



Step 14 | Pot installation

Clip the pots onto the rails and ensure they’re all properly aligned. It’s easier to load pots from bottom up.


Diagram of the pot installation



Step 15 | Test the Irrigation System

Check that all the drippers are inserted correctly into the pots. Test run the irrigation system for 1 to 2 hours and look out for leaks.

Diagram of testing irrigation

Once you’re sure the irrigation system is working properly, your green wall is complete. As you can see, the GrowUp system is designed to be user-friendly, and is a great starter kit for a first-time vertical garden enthusiast.

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Posted by Grant Leishman



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