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50 Shades of Green: Why You Should Paint Pictures With Plants

Decorative greenwalls have endless possibilities for creating living artwork. Here’s some inspiring examples & tips to help you create your own plant art.

Decorative green walls have endless possibilities for creating living artwork. Here’s some inspiring examples and tips to help you create your own plant art. 


Can’t afford a $100 million dollar Andy Warhol original? You could always get creative with a decorative green wall instead. Whether they’re indoors or outside, decorative vertical gardens can be turned into a magnificent display, without costing you an arm and a leg and with many proven benefits.




Decora Interi : Suculentas no Jardim
Image source:  Pinterest

vertical garden ideas
 Image source:  Pinterest

decorative green walls

Paisajismo y diseño de jardines
Image source:  Pinterest

Jardín vertical realizado con botes de refrescos de cola Vertical Garden made with cans of cola
Image source:  Pinterest

b23ed0b90a6c134b35dcc13aa1e054b8.jpg 540×960 píxeles
Image source:  Pinterest



  • Use your honeycomb pots like pixels. The honeycomb pots of your vertical garden fit together like pixels, creating the perfect canvas for living artwork. The honeycomb design eliminates any unsightly gaps between pots - so your green wall will look like a work of art right from the start.
honeycomb pots create living artwork
Image: Belching Beaver (GrowUp system)

  • Keep in mind the scale of your design. If you only have 40-50 pots to work with, you won’t be able to create images (like company logos) with the plants. You will, however, be able to create interesting patterns and textures. If your company colors are blue and red, for example, you could pick out a variety of bold red and blue flowers in place of a traditionally “green” dominated green wall.


  • Mix it up. To keep your vertical garden fresh and funky, you can always swap out some of the pots with seasonal plants for the holidays. The beauty of the honeycomb pot system is that the pots can easily be swapped out and stored. With some spare pots on hand, anything is possible.


  • Use a preferred installation partner. By choosing a preferred installation partner, you’ll have an expert to guide your design. Professional green wall installers have access to a wide variety of plants, and will be able to assist you if you want to go with seasonal designs.


Apart from their visual appeal, indoor vertical gardens have a good deal of health benefits as well. They can assist with improving the air quality in your office, reduce your staff’s stress

levels, and ultimately help reduce your level of absenteeism - the silent drain of productivity.


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