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Case Study| Greenwall around a TV

By Grant Leishman June 22, 2020 Case Studies

Add living art to bring your space to life

This beautiful residential project was completed recently in Orange County, California. The combination of the beautiful plants surrounding the TV brings something for everyone to this entertainment space. 

Living wall with TV

The creative use of greenwall technology along with careful plant choices enabled this client to achieve this gorgeous result while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The GrowUp Greenwall system was carefully planned and installed to meet the following criteria:

  • Easy, automated watering and maintenance
  • Ensure the TV was not impacted by the running water
  • Create an instant, beautiful living piece of art


With the system mostly installed, nearly ready for hanging the plants

Modular Greenwall System

The standard GrowUp Greenwalls modular frame system was used for hanging the plants. the wall was fully waterproofed and a simple gutter system was created above the TV to divert the water.

The irrigation system for the greenwall was tied into the existing irrigation system and connected to its own zone, allowing the watering of the wall to be fully automated.

The plants were planted into the pots and bags off-site. They were delivered directly to the client's premises where they were hung according to the detailed design drawing agreed with the client.


Plant design1

Detailed plant design

With no mess from planting on site this living greenwall, or living artwork as we like to call it, has become the highlight of this renovation project.

The finished wall was fully tested and commissioned and handed over to a very happy client. 



Finished greenwall ready to be admired

We love greenwalls and are happy to help with greenwalls of all shapes and sizes. If you want to do it yourself or require a full turnkey solution we have an option to suit your project and your budget


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