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Perfect Plant Selection For Offices

A guide to the best plants suited for your office space.

This guide to selecting plants for your office will help you identify a beautiful selection of low-maintenance, cost-effective office greenery.


So, you know that plants are a great addition to your workspace - both aesthetically, and for your general health and wellness, but which plants are best suited for the job? The ideal office plant is cost-effective and requires minimal maintenance to



Why are some plants better suited to offices than others?

As we’ve mentioned before, proper lighting is critical for plants to thrive. However, each plant requires different amounts of light - what’s sufficient for one may be far too little or far too much for another.


Why are some plants better suited to offices than others?


While we, as humans, might think our office is well lit and full of natural light, this doesn’t mean the same applies to our plants. “Plants have a vastly different idea about how much light is available indoors than we do. Humans will look at a space with lots of windows and assume that a tremendous amount of light is getting through, but that may not be the case if you’re a plant,” writes interior plantscapers, Ambius.


This means that tropical plants that are used to growing on forest floors with minimal natural lighting are better suited to an indoor environment.



Why green walls are the perfect solution for adding plants to your office

Green walls are an excellent solution for businesses looking to add as much greenery as possible to their office. Regular potted plants are hefty, and a single plant can take up considerable floor or desk space. A vertical garden, on the other hand, can house a large number of plants (giving you all the health benefits of having nature nearby) without getting in the way or taking up precious floor space.



5 low-maintenance office plants





Anthuriums (also known as Flamingo Flowers) are relatives of the Arum Lily, with beautiful, bright, heart-shaped blossoms. They are waxy-leafed, tropical plants and grow well in bright, indirect light (so nearby a window but not in full sun).  






Ferns are great for lush greenery all year round, and can survive in very low-light conditions. They do, however, need to be in a humid environment - so they will require constant moisture. A green wall with an automated watering schedule will ensure that your ferns are kept happy and moist, saving you the hassle of having to remember to test their moisture levels.






Split-leaf Philodendrons (also known as Delicious Monsters), with their massive leaves are a popular choice of office plant for two reasons. Firstly, they are very low-maintenance plants. In the wild, they grow beneath the canopy of tropical rainforests, so they thrive indoors in indirect lighting. The second reason for their popularity indoors, is that they are exceptionally good at soaking up noise pollution, thanks to their broad, waxy leaves - so they are a great choice for reducing noise in meeting rooms and waiting areas.






Pothos (also known as Money Plants) enjoy shady, humid conditions, away from direct light. This particular plant species does exceptionally well indoors and is another popular choice for offices (some also believe keeping a Money Plant at their desk is good luck). Pothos plants have beautiful, variegated leaves and some species also flower.






Spathiphyllum (better known as Peace Lilies) are another attractive member of the Arum family. They can endure extremely low-light conditions, and are one of the most difficult indoor plants to kill - making them the perfect choice for first-time gardeners with little to no experience in plant care.



Things to consider when choosing office plants:

  • -How much light does the plant require?
  • -Will it survive in fluorescent light, or does it require sunlight?
  • -How much water does it require?
  • -How big does the plant get when it matures?
  • -Is the plant species prone to diseases (like mildew)?
  • -How long do you need the plant to last? Is it annual or perennial?
  • -Does the plant flower?


The right selection of low-maintenance office plants will bring a healthy dose of nature into your workspace.


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Posted by Damon Vinje



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