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GrowUp Greenwall at Liberty Station

We worked with urban farmer Christian Lindfors to set up a micro-farm at Liberty Station, and the result was both eye-catching and productive.


7 Restaurants with Magnificent Greenwalls

Green walls are a global interior design trend, both at home and commercially. Here are seven breathtaking green walls in restaurants around the...

What to do with produce

7 Basil Recipes to Bookmark

Basil is delicious, easy to grow in bulk and makes some pretty memorable meals. Here are some of our favorite recipes.


Seasonal Planting Guide [Prep for Winter]

Looking for the best winter plants to add to your herb garden? Here’s a winter planting guide to help you prepare the chilly months ahead.


Greenwall Installation Tutorial

Here’s a step by step guide showing you how to install your GrowUp green wall system. The simple, fast and effective way to start growing vertically.