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Case Study | Belching Beaver Pub

The GrowUp Greenwall system allows for an instant effect, with an incredible appearance from day one along with the benefits of noise reduction.

Belching Beaver Jan 19 - 1


The Belching Beaver pub was the first green wall that GrowUp sold in San Diego. Partnering with Greenleaf IPS to do the plant selection and the on-going maintenance has turned into a real success story for all parties.




"Working with the GrowUp plant system was the perfect solution to create a beautiful lush wall for Belching Beaver. Even after 4 years, we still get rave reviews and it remains a popular selfie spot in the brewery."

- Sheldon Cohen

Owner of Greenleaf IPS



The video shows the wall being built and installed, really emphasizing the instant effect achieved with the GrowUp system. Our system does not require long grow-in times like so many other systems. Every GrowUp Greenwall looks incredible from day one. The images below show the wall nearly 18 months later, looking better than ever and a real focal point of this very cool venue.


Belching Beaver


The addition of this greenwall completely transformed this big echoey space into a fun and unique place for locals and tourists to visit. The greenwalls noticeably reduced the noise, allowing guests to relax in the space. Plants are extremely effective in dampening ambient noise and reducing echoes that restaurants often struggle with. 


Along with the practical benefits this greenwall had, it has also created an impressive backdrop for guests' photos. Guests will always remember the memories they made at the Belching Beaver when they look back at photos and see this incredible greenwall as the backdrop. 


Belching Beaver Jan 19 - 3


We are incredible proud of how this greenwall turned out and how well it fits into the atmosphere of the Belching Beaver. 


Watch the Belching Beaver installation time-lapse to see the instant effect. 


Watch Video

Posted by Damon Vinje



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