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Case Studies

Case Study | The Escalator Project

The versatility of our GrowUp living wall system allowed a unique greenwall to be installed on the side of an escalator in Southern California. Case study.

Escalator Transformed


When we were approached by a shopping mall in Southern California to help them "green" a boring escalator we knew we had an exciting opportunity.

Read the story below and contact us to see how we can work with you to deliver beautiful, cost effective greenwalls.


Escalator 2-1





The Escalator Project

The Brief


The client is the manager of a mall in Southern California and wanted to bring more plants into the environment without using up a lot of floor space. He wanted to make an impact, do something different and had identified the opportunity of doing a greenwall.






The Solution


The escalator is the focal point of the food court and was unattractive in its current state. We agreed that a greenwall on the side of the escalator was the ideal solution and would bring the following benefits:

  • Make the escalator a beautiful feature in the space
  • Bring a large number of plants into the space
  • Not use any valuable floor space


We partnered with the incumbent plant maintenance company and the general contractor that does all of the other work in the mall. The ease of use of the system and the instant effect resulted in an ecstatic client and a fantastic result.


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Posted by Damon Vinje



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