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Case Studies

Case Study | A Living Greenwall Story

We’re continually hearing the myths that greenwalls are expensive, complicated to install and require a long grow in time. Check out why this is false.

We’re continually hearing the myths that greenwalls are expensive, complicated to install and require a long grow in time. We hope this story shows you there’s another way.


Growup Green walls

The Back Story

Our client and his team of five people moved into a cool upmarket office space in San Jose five years ago. The space is spread over two floors with the second floor set back from the windows, creating a 17’ high double volume space.

He decided that he wanted to install a GrowUp Greenwall from floor to ceiling to brighten the space and bring all the benefits of a greenwall to his staff. After many expensive quotes he found us online and we share the results with you below.


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The Full Story

After contacting GrowUp Greenwalls in July 2018 and discussing his requirements, we produced a detailed CAD drawing along with their quote for the materials. Planted Places, a vertical garden designer and installer in the Bay Area, was recommended and appointed for the installation and GrowUp Greenwalls worked closely with them to develop the materials quote into a full project plan and turnkey solution.

A custom catch tank was designed by GrowUp Greenwalls to resolve the challenge created by the height of the wall and lack of water supply and shipped with the remaining equipment.


CAD Drawing & Custom catch tank 

growup green walls



Upon receiving approval from the client in August, Planted Places prepared the detailed plant design and sourced the plants from a reputable wholesale nursery.

The GrowUp Greenwalls system is ideally suited to 6” plants and the selection of plants were all indoor tropicals suitable for the relatively low light environment. The plants were planned, sourced and delivered within two weeks, already planted in the GrowUp pots. No grow in time was needed.




On the day of installation, the team arrived on site and prepared the wall for hanging the system. Once the system was installed, which took the contractor only four hours working alone, the plants were hung on the wall.

By diligently following the planting plan the team ensured that the overall design was achieved as expected and the exact number of plants were purchased and used.



growup green walls


The Result

The result is a 6’ wide and 17’ high living wall installed in one day with minimal disruption to the client. The client was very excited and Planted Places, as the primary contractor, are very happy with the result and the wall is settling in beautifully.

"Our client couldn't be happier with the results.  The workplace was transformed into a living jungle and using the GrowUp Greenwalls system allowed us to offer a competitive quote in the marketplace.  Their system is highly flexible and configurable enabling us to be very creative with our designs for clients." - Christy Ross - Planted Places 


Tips for you or your installer at your next installation

  • Have the nursery plant the plants before delivery to reduce the work done on site.
  • Ensure you have a hosepipe on site and a water source to fill the catch tank if you do not have an in-situ water source.
  • Meticulous plant planning reduces the hanging time and the need for on-site design.


Our Commitment to You

At GrowUp Greenwalls, we are committed to working with professionals to bring greenwalls to as many environments as possible. By being easy to work with and cost effective, greenwalls can be a meaningful part of your business and an option for all design projects.


Visit PlantedPlaces.com for information about vertical garden designs and installations in the Bay Area.


Visit us at growup.green for more information about how to include greenwalls in your next project, or book a meeting with us for a personal consultation session.


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Posted by Grant Leishman



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