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The business of green walls

Checklist: Does Your Office Need a Greenwall?

You may think that you have enough decorative features in your office but a greenwall is more than just that. Check out what it can do for your office.


You may think that you have enough decorative features in your office but a green wall is more than just that. Find out what other office issues a green wall can solve for your company.


Many companies have indoor plants scattered across their office space but they don’t really achieve anything. With so many of us living and working in urban areas, we often get disconnected from nature. Because of this, and the many benefits greenery has, corporate head offices of international brands are increasingly installing green walls into their office space. Having a green wall will not only add a beautiful addition to your office but will also solve many more office problems you may face. Check out our easy checklist to see if your office needs a lush green wall.



My employees often get sick.

It’s not only in winter when employees get sick. Employees can get sick all year round with bad bacteria floating around your office space and circulating through your air cooling systems. Have you ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)? It’s a condition that affects office workers with the usual symptoms being headaches and respiratory problems. This is all due to unhealthy and stressful factors in the office such as poor ventilation. SBS can have a major impact on business and the productivity of employees. A green wall increases the oxygen levels in indoor spaces and plants naturally reduce the level of chemical compounds in the air. This, along with the micro-organisms in the roots and soil, provides a cleansing process of the air.



I want to stand out from my competitors for all the right reasons.

What better way to stand out from your competitors with a lush green wall in your reception area? A green wall creates a positive impression of your business to both clients and competitors. It shows that not only does your company care about the well-being of your employees but also cares for the environment.



The office can get too noisy for my employees to focus.

It is unavoidable that sometimes your office can be noisy due to employees socialising or loud office repairs, like drilling.  A green wall is a simple answer to drown out the hustle and bustle of the office - the bigger the plants and the leaves, the thicker the stems, the more sound waves they will absorb. GrowUp can provide a wide array of designs of green walls to suit your office space and cancel out the noise.



I want to boost my bottom line in a cost-effective way.

A green wall will not only physically help your employees be more efficient by reducing risks of getting sick, but help emotionally as well. Green walls can help employees have an emotional connection to their workplace, because it creates a more creative and inviting environment. Having happy employees who enjoy coming to work will result in efficiency and boost overall performance.

We often spend a significant amount of time working hard towards achieving business goals, but we don’t have to forget about nature when we work. Let’s combine nature with work and improve health, productivity and general wellbeing.



Have a look at our How It Works document to see how easy it is to install and maintain one of our green walls.


Ready to have a green wall of your own? Contact us for help. 


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Posted by Grant Leishman



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