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The business of green walls

Does Your Office Have the Right Space for a Greenwall? [CHECKLIST]

Are you thinking about adding a living wall to your office? Any space is suitable for the Growup.green decorative feature.

You might think that your office space isn’t right to have a green wall, but any space is suitable for this amazing decorative feature.

Many companies are looking to make their space trendy yet also functional, to give their employees a good environment for productivity and efficiency, and to create a great impression with visiting clients.  A vertical garden is a great way to do this and, best of all, doesn’t have to use a large chunk of your budget. You may think your office space isn’t suitable for a green wall, but we’re here to bust any of those misconceptions.



I have the space for a green wall
Common misconception: I don’t know where to put a green wall - our office doesn’t have space.

Your green wall doesn’t need to be 50x50 feet like California's largest indoor living wall in the heart of San Francisco's south financial district. There are no space constraints for a green wall!  One of the advantages of choosing a plant wall with hexagonal pots (like the GrowUp system) is that it can be built into any space, no matter the size. You may have an odd, small space you want to put a green wall in. Even though it is possible to put on there, we recommend rethinking this position. A green wall is a great investment for your business so it’s important to choose the right size to make a big impact.



I have enough light to keep plants alive
Common misconception: Our office doesn’t have enough natural light for plants

Many office spaces don’t have much natural light coming in but this doesn’t have to stop you from getting a green wall. Our green walls also have the option of being installed with grow lights. Grow lights are artificial light sources designed to stimulate plant growth by emitting a light appropriate for photosynthesis. A vertical garden is a great investment for your business that you should want to show off, so use LED lights to showcase your beautiful greenery.


Do you have the right space for a green wall?



I have appropriate plumbing for a green wall
Common misconception: I don’t want to install a whole new plumbing system just for a green wall

Our green walls come with a standard irrigation system that won’t require you to break the bank and tear down walls for a watering system for your vertical garden. The system is designed to make installation and maintenance as easy as possible! Controlled by a simple pump and with an intuitive drip-irrigation system, the water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the plant pots, making it water-wise. The tanks are easy to fill by hand with minimal fuss. No mess during installation, and no leakages as it’s watertight so you can place your greenwall anywhere.



Our office is the perfect temperature for a green wall
Common misconception: Our office has an intense cooling system or air con, so I don’t think it would be suitable for plants.

You won’t have to change your office temperature settings for a green wall. Your air-conditioning system won’t have a negative effect on a green wall - it will actually help keep the plants alive! Having an environment with a consistent temperature will help the plants not to dry out too quickly.

No matter what your office space looks like, if your goal is to make your office healthier for your employees and more inviting for your customers, a green wall is the perfect solution.



Still not sure how a green wall will work in your office space? Set up a consultation session and we’ll help you decide.

Have a look at our How It Works document to see how easy it is to install and maintain one of our green walls.


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Posted by Grant Leishman



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