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Expand Your Horizons with this Huge Greenwall

Done by Bidvest Execuflora, this project used the Vicinity Modular Greenwall system to replace a legacy system that had been in place for 5 years.

This amazing project was done by Bidvest Execuflora at an existing client where the Modular Greenwall system was used to replace a legacy system that had been in place for 5 years.


A before and after of a greenwall before it is installed and what it looks like after installation


The following points are notable from this installation and the use of our Modular Greenwall system:

  1. The plants were transplanted off-site at the nursery into the grow pots and felt bags and delivered to site. This saves time on installation day and reduces any mess caused by having additional soil on site.
  2. The ease of installation due to the preplanning of greenwall design and layout. An important aspect is designing the layout of the wall beforehand. This ensures that we know exactly how many plants of each species we needed to order and that the team knew exactly how to arrange the plants on the day of installation. 
  3. The instant effect that they achieved. This instant effect is achieved by the unique honeycomb design of the Greenwall system and by the use of good sized 6" plants. The bag is planted and tied into the honeycomb shaped pot. The pot then hangs off the rail. Because of this design, there is not wait time for your greenwall to look good!
  4. The watering of the wall is fully automated and the water is recycled, all with the same standard components used in any of our Greenwall installations. This modular water tank system allows you to easily create a water catchment under your pots. No more wasted water and no more fabrication of tanks from steel or fiberglass. 
  5. The Modular design has allowed for the wall to follow the curve of the pillar, all done without any system modifications and using standard components.

At GrowUp we are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Vicinity Modular Greenwalls in North America.


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Posted by Grant Leishman



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