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4 Easy Ways to Make a Lasting Impression with an Office Reception Area

A living green wall will bring your office reception area life and help build your brand instantly when a prospect walks in.

Make sure you make the right impression with your new clients and customers each and every time with these four tips.


We all know that first impressions are important, and your reception area is the first place people see when coming into your premises. What kind of impression would they receive from your company from the reception area alone?

Rather than being a simple room with a receptionist’s desk and a sofa for guests and clients to wait at, your reception area can become a place where visitors are offered a warm welcome, engage with your company’s achievements, and where you can illustrate your company’s values. Apart from adding a green wall - a real winner we will explain below in more detail - there are other ways to improve your reception space. See our tips below.


Open up

In the past, visitors were expected to wait in a large antechamber that was cut off from the rest of the office. Clients weren’t able to get a good welcome or find out more about the company through this bare-walled, cold and cut-off reception area Having an open waiting area is a key way to make clients feel more welcome.

Although you’d like to make your reception area open, you need to make sure the traffic flow is free-flowing and entrances and exits are clearly marked. You can create a temporary wall using a green wall because our green walls can be easily moved. Green walls carve out space that absorb sounds making your reception area more tranquil.


Make your brand stand out

Most businesses want to project a positive brand image of being proactive, socially conscious and focused on delivering success. Digital signage in your reception area can help create the right atmosphere for your brand values to shine through.

Another great way to show off your brand’s logo is to have a green wall incorporated, either in the background or to create your company’s logo out of plants such as succulents. Make sure you choose the right kind of plants to make your brand’s logo pop. Adding a green wall to your reception area ensures potential clients sees your company as being environmentally-friendly and conscious about employee well-being.



Green wall with logo.

Show it off

Did your company receive a highly acclaimed award for its amazing work on a certain campaign or project? Make sure the potential clients walking into your reception area know just how good you are at what you do. Digital signage is easy to update instantaneously, so you can share the news with everyone who enters your building. Screens can scroll through images and videos showcasing your achievements.


For your fishy friends

Already have a standing out decor feature such as a fish tank? That’s not a problem. A green wall can easily be incorporated into your office’s aquatic feature. Fish fertilizer is great for a green wall. Our green walls allow you to frame any shaped fish tank so you’re able to do an array of designs.


Thinking of adding a lush green wall to your office? Set up a consultation session and we’ll help you start your own decorative greenwall.

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Posted by Damon Vinje



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