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Grant Leishman

Stories by Grant

Case Studies

Case Study | Custom Greenwall around a TV

A residential entertainment space benefits from a beautiful greenwall surrounding the TV. Take a look at how we created a custom greenwall around a...

Case Studies

Case Study | Pacifica Succulent Wall

Exceed customer expectations with a beautiful succulent wall by GrowUp Greenwalls. We supply the system nad the plants and installation - if require


Planning Your Succulent Living Wall

Planning a succulent living wall is easy with the GrowUp system. this blog post contains everything you will need for a perfect, beautiful succulent...

The business of green walls

Award Winning Greenwall Column

The Award winning greenwall done around a column in New York is a unique innovation in greenwall design. The modular system enabled this innovation

The business of green walls

Checklist: Does Your Office Need a Greenwall?

You may think that you have enough decorative features in your office but a greenwall is more than just that. Check out what it can do for your...

Case Studies

Case Study | A Living Greenwall Story

We’re continually hearing the myths that greenwalls are expensive, complicated to install and require a long grow in time. Check out why this is...