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Grant Leishman

Stories by Grant

Green Life

The Sustainability of the GrowUp System

At look at how the GrowUp Greenwall system is sustainable, why it's beneficial for the environment and what makes products sustainable.


A Greenwall Timeline: From Start to Finish

How long does it take to install? How long does it take to look lush? How long do the plants last? We’ve got the answers to all your questions right...

Living the green life

How Does the GrowUp Irrigation System Work?

Terrified of over or under watering your plants? Our flood irrigation system is cleverly designed to give your plants exactly the right amount of...


Expand Your Horizons with this Huge Greenwall

Done by Bidvest Execuflora, this project used the Vicinity Modular Greenwall system to replace a legacy system that had been in place for 5 years.